Medicine Cabinet Clean-Up

What’s in your medicine cabinet

It’s very important to give your medicine cabinet regular clean ups and check labels for expiry dates. We offer a Medicine Cabinet Clean-Up to help you manage your medications and ensure that you have safe, effective and up-to-date products. Ask in-store for a free medications disposal bag for your expired medications and we will dispose of them safely

Medicine Cabinet Clean-Up

• Remove prescription medications that are old or that you no longer take
• Remove expired non-prescription medications, including cough/cold, pain, first aid and vitamins
• Remove medicines no longer in their original containers or with labels that can’t be read
• Remove medications that have changed color, smell or taste

Getting Rid of Your Medications Safely

• Bring all the medicines you have cleaned out to us – we will dispose of them safely.
• Ask a Sinclair Pharmacist if you don’t know if a medicine is still good.
• Protect children and pets. Don’t throw medication in the garbage.
• Be good to the environment. Don’t flush medication down the toilet.

Contact us for your Medicine Cabinet Clean-Up.