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Renew or Refill Prescriptions

If your doctor included refills on your prescription it will be on the label of your prescription bottle. The number next to the “REP:” shows how many repeats you can get of your medicine. Your doctor needs to be contacted before a refill can be completed.

There are several ways to refill your prescription:

In person. Drop by Sinclair Pharmacy and speak with a pharmacy team member at our prescription counter. You can either wait for it or come back later to pick it up.

By phone. Call Sinclair Pharmacy at (519) 271-8940. Our phone number is also listed on your medication label.

Online. Refill your prescription online with our Refill Form.

Transfer Your Prescription to Sinclair Pharmacy

It’s easy to transfer your prescription to us. Call Sinclair Pharmacy at (519) 271-8940 and we will take care of everything.
**By law, not all prescriptions can be transferred. See store for details

Free Prescription Delivery

We make it easier for you to get access to your medications. Call (519) 271-8940 and our pharmacy team will arrange free delivery to your home.

Contact us for more information.